Green Lake New Construction

Converted a dilapidated tear-down into a beautiful, craftsman inspired, modern 3-story home

For this project, we took the existing house down to the foundation on half of the structure and left about 5% of structure on other half.

We updated the structural hardware to work with the new design, built a new 3-story house. Everything is new. It is highly efficient with 98% efficient radiant floor heat system. It has 4 new bathrooms including a walk-in steam shower. It has a custom chef’s kitchen, wine storage, and a custom built butcher block island.

We were looking for a house to fix up and found this place that was falling down around itself. We did 90% of the work on this project. We worked with an architect to develop the basic design and had an interior designer assist with finishes, but most of the details we designed ourselves.

We are still in contact with the person that bought the house and he always tells us what a pleasure it is to live in the house.

Before Construction

During Construction

After: Construction is Complete

Starting a new construction project doesn't have to be complicated. It's actually really simple:

1. We talk.

We meet to discuss problems and possible solutions. We'll give you very honest feedback and possible solutions for you to choose from.

2. We plan.
We’ll create a budget and plan that everybody is comfortable with.

3. We execute.
We get to work while you have fun watching your vision become reality.

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