Solving the problems homeowners face, for over 14 years

If you feel your home isn’t a comfortable sanctuary and isn’t relaxing, as if more time is spent dealing with issues on a daily basis than it should be, we can help.

Here’s an overview of services we offer to Seattle residents so they can have their dream home:

Whole House Remodels

Love the location or view from your house, but still wanting the house? We often work with homeowners wanting specific amenities and comforts of a new home. We’ve done projects where it ends up being less expensive or, because of code requirements, we keep some or most of the existing structure and move walls add square footage. Let’s talk about what you want and see what we can do to add equity to your home.

New Construction

When we get a client that is looking for new construction, generally they’ve found a location they love but the house needs help. They have worked with an architect and come to the decision to take down the existing house on the property and start from scratch because the existing structure isn’t worth saving. If this sounds at all familiar, let’s talk.


Clients that are doing an addition typically want a bigger kitchen or larger master suite. Simply put, they need more space. We solve that problem by making the footprint larger, by adding another story, or a dormer. If you think an addition would solve the problem(s) you’re experiencing with your home, tell us more about your vision. We’ll come up with a plan and go from there.

Seismic Hardware Installation

Seismic retro fitting generally happens when adding square footage. Many times the current supports are not sufficient to protect the increased size of a house. Sometimes we add seismic hardware to existing structures even when we don’t increase the size of the house to safeguard against earthquakes and make clients more comfortable. If you think this is something you think you need help with, get in touch and let us know.

Kitchen and Bath Remodels

We love working directly with clients to design, draw, and implement their vision, covering anything from a fresh look to a whole new layout. We have built the spectrum: from replacing appliances, fixtures and counter tops, to removing walls and moving plumbing to give people a completely new space. We handle obtaining the required city permitting and updating all electrical, plumbing systems and heating when needed as well so the result is a kitchen or bath that our clients can love for a long time.

Windows and Doors

Most of the time when we replace the windows and doors of a house, homeowners are looking for a more energy efficient product to insulate them from the elements. Sometimes we move window/door openings to new locations, but that usually happens when we are doing a larger projects on the house. We have also replaced windows and exterior doors because the old units have failed and caused leaks.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Occasionally clients are looking for a better preforming home. They want to get rid of inefficient furnaces or hot water heaters. They want a house that uses less energy and isn’t drafty and cold. In these instances, we add more insulation or better windows and give them a warmer and more energy-efficient home.

Everything Else

Seriously. We’ve experienced first hand, every task that goes into building a home. If a task isn’t listed here, just tell us what you have in mind and we’ll make it happen!

Starting a new construction project doesn't have to be complicated. It's actually really simple:

1. We talk.

We meet to discuss problems and possible solutions. We'll give you very honest feedback and possible solutions for you to choose from.

2. We plan.
We’ll create a budget and plan that everybody is comfortable with.

3. We execute.
We get to work while you have fun watching your vision become reality.